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    Alyssum Pohl and Zoe Jakes Workshop in Boston!

    Presented by at Green Street Studios

    May 23, 2009


    Alyssum Pohl and Zoe Jakes Workshop in Boston!

    Get it while it's HOT! THE Alyssum Pohl is back ladies and gentlemen for this one time tribal fusion workshop! Heard of Alyssum's legendary tribal style?? Well dream no longer! Experience it for yourself!!!! Bits & Bobs: A Dance Collage with Boston Favorite, Alyssum Pohl!!!! Saturday, May 23, 2009 1:00PM-3:30PM Green Street Studios 185 Green Street Cambridge, MA 02139 $40 in advance/$45 at the door

    THIS TIME ONLY!!!! Did you know that Zoe Jakes will be here on Saturday, June 13th? Want to go to both Alyssum AND Zoe Jakes workshops???? Can't decide and funds are tight??? Never fear! Now you don't have to choose!

    Option #1: Alyssum Pohl/Bits & Bobs & Zoe Jakes/Knock 'em dead - $85

    Option #2: Alyssum Pohl/Bits & Bobs & Zoe Jakes/The Art of Making It Weird - $85

    Option #3: Alyssum Pohl/Bits & Bobs and BOTH Zoe Jakes Workshops!! (YEA!) - $135

    To register visit: www.vadalna.com (www.myspace.com/vadalna) and click on the Paypal buttons For more information contact Kali Das or Naraya at vadalna@yahoo.com To register for a private lesson with Alyssum please write Alyssum directly at: alyssum.pohl@gmail.com

    WORKSHOP DESCRIPTIONS: Bits & Bobs: A Dance Collage - using bits and pieces of familiar bellydance moves, Alyssum will lead us through some creative, fun stylizations, and newly woven combinations. Musicality and precise technique will be focused on in this intermediate/advanced workshop. Come ready to have some Aha! moments.

    ZOE WORKSHOP DESCRIPTIONS: Knock 'em dead! What works on stage, you ask, especially those bigger ones with the fancy lighting, back stages, and sound guys? This class is for those wanting an understanding of what really carries all the way to the back rows. Get ready for big fantastic whip-sharp moves supplied with clear and concise explanations for graceful and flawless execution. Tips and concepts to make you hip work bigger, sharper, and more polished (thus more effective on stage), and how to improve speed while not loosing clarity of movement.

    The Art of Making It Weird (Slow, Lovely, and Strange) We are going to ride the edge between exquisite and strange in this slow movement workshop. All that ooey gooey stuff that is so fun and delicious to watch and do will be focused on, using elements from the head down through to the fingertips. We will be focusing on super slow isolations, extreme undulations, and upper body technique. Hand work, elbow work, wrist work, posture, oblique strengthening (to get that horizontal pull that makes mayas and hip slides so exquisite and strange), belly rolls with emphasis on stomach musculature. And of course the elusive flutter!

    ABOUT ALYSSUM POHL- Hailing from Lexington, Kentucky, Alyssum Pohl brings wit and joy to her performance. A lifelong dancer, she began her study of tribal-style bellydance with Sri Tarasita, director of Rakadu Gypsy, in 1998, and commenced performing with Rakadu three years later. Rakadu, famous for their storytelling and improvisational bellydance, is and has been the perfect fountainhead for Alyssum's performance style. In addition to bellydance, Alyssum is accomplished in yoga, front-bending contortion, rhythm tap, and has many years of training in dance forms from around the world besides. While she lived in New England (2004-2008), she honed her own style of tribal bellydance by incorporating her contortion abilities and sharpening her isolations. She is influenced greatly by her teachers Sri Tarasita and Julie Lively as well as Heather Stants, Mira Betz, and more.

    Green Street Studios

    185 Green Street
    Cambridge , MA 02139

    Full map and directions

    Admission Info:
    Alyssum Workshop ONLY: $40 Zoe Workshops, EACH: $55 Alyssum Pohl/Bits & Bobs & Zoe Jakes/Knock ‘em dead - $85 Alyssum Pohl/Bits & Bobs & Zoe Jakes/The Art of Making It Weird - $85 Alyssum Pohl/Bits & Bobs and BOTH Zoe Jakes Workshops!! (YEA!) - $135

    General Day and Time Info:

    Accessibility Information: Currently, no accessibility information is available for this event.

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