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    Angela Bofill Presents featuring Maysa & Dave Valetin Narrated by Angela Bofill

    Presented by at Scullers Jazz Club

    March 4 - March 5, 2011


    Angela Bofill Presents featuring Maysa & Dave Valetin Narrated by Angela Bofill

    The ‘Super Diva’ is bouncing back after suffering, not one, but two massive strokes. The first stroke occurred in January, 2006, paralyzing the singer’s angelic voice. She later received the Soul Track’s “Lifetime Achievement Award” and appeared to be well on her way to recovering. But, on July 10th of 2007 tragedy struck a second time, this time the stakes were higher. “They said I wouldn’t walk, I wouldn’t talk. I am walking and talking,” says Angela during a recent hour-long conversation with Carol Campbell, Director of Chayz Lounge.

    Surprisingly, many are unaware of Angela’s tragedies and are wondering what happened to the award-winning vocalist. Then there are her lifelong fans who are elated to hear of her return to the stage with her latest project, “The Angela Bofill Experience”, which took place at the Rrazz Room July 22-25. The show marked Angela’s first appearance on stage since her 2006 stroke that left her with impeded speech and mobility.

    “The Angela Bofill Experience is a narrative and musical presentation of the songs most relevant to her career. It begins with video footage of her jammin’ days in Central Park, and peppered with footage of her appearances on The American Music Awards (with Michael Jackson), The Tonight Show, and Soul Train,” says Angela's manager, Rich Engel.

    Angela does on-stage narratives relative to the tunes, with an abundance of humorous anecdotes. The incredible voice of award-winning vocalist Maysa, formerly of Incognito, and now with a successful solo career, graced the stage with her vocal portrayal of Angela.

    Since Grammy Winner Dave Valentin has played an important role in Angela’s career, he is a part of the show serving up inside dialogue using his fabulous flute.

    “The Angela Bofill Experience” was a rousing success with five sold out shows and multiple reports of raving reviews. Lisa Bautista, Executive Director of JFM Presents, Music Public Relations, and Entertainment Publicist for the RRazz room at Hotel Nikko San Francisco tells Carol, “The show was an amazing experience from start to finish. The love that filled the room was ten million times more powerful than anyone could have imagined. It was simply magical.” I wasn’t sure what to expect for the show, but to see Angie transform for her performance was like night and day. She was classic, witty, and beautiful. She was amazing. She inspires me.” Click here for a snapshot of Angela's sold out performance

    Not only in America is the voice of Bofill loved, but World-Wide, specifically the Philippines; which happens to be her largest fan base and one of her favorite places to visit.

    Born and raised in the Bronx, N.Y., by her Cuban father and Puerto Rican mother, this Latin bombshell was exposed to a variety of musical styles, from Motown to Aretha Franklin to Tito Puente and Celia Cruz. Angela explains, “Growing up in Harlem, if you didn’t have the latest James Brown or a Supremes forty-five single, you weren’t hip. We always had Latin music playing in the house because of my parents love for music. In fact my father would sit in and sing with the great Cuban bandleader, Machito.”

    Angela began singing at age four. At the age of 12, the young singer wrote her first song. At 17, she penned the heartfelt hit, “I Try”; a song that was inspired by her personal experience. Angela wrote this timeless classic after a relationship with a band member that ended in heartbreak. Ironically, he was still part of the band when she first sang the song.

    Angela studied classical voice and aspired to become an Opera singer, but then transferred to the Manhattan School of Music, where she earned a Bachelor’s degree. With her strong, distinctive multi-octave voice, Angela has carved a niche as an outstanding interpreter of soul ballads. Surprisingly, she is an avid fan of hip-hop and openly expresses her “love” for Snoop Dogg; whom she fondly portrays as a potential candidate for marriage. “I love Snoop… but my sister wants to marry him too”, she laughs with Carol, as a schoolgirl would with her best friend. “Maybe my sister can marry him, and I can be the Maid of Honor,” she jokes.

    You may have heard some of Bofill’s top hits sampled by some of today’s most premiere entertainers. One of the most memorable songs comes from Rick Ross’ 2009 LP “Deeper Than Rap”, in which Ross uses snippets of Bofill’s “Gotta Make It Up To You” in his song entitled “Magnificent” featuring John Legend.

    Angela Bofill not only planned for her return to the stage, but also revealed that she is “scripting a TV show - specifically, a cooking show.” She boasts about her daughter Shauna, whom she says is “a great song writer and a first
    class chef.” When asked if there are any unreleased Angela Bofill songs, she replied, “No. The song “All This Time” was the only one, but that is now available to the public.”

    Carol asked, “How are you preparing yourself to return to the stage?” The songstress answers, “Lots of exercise, breathing exercise, and physical therapy.” Angela says she is, “excited to return to the stage. It’s in the blood.” but admits, “it’s a lot of work so I better charge up.” When asked if she has given thought to writing her biography, she replies “No. I am still here. Some people suffer a stroke and die. Think about poor Luther (Vandross), he didn’t make it, but I am still alive. I am blessed.” Angela may not have given any thought to her life story in print; but says, “it’s a good idea. I think Alicia Keys or Jill Scott should play my part on the big screen.”

    Two massive strokes may have slowed Angela down; however, it never dampened her spirit. “This is a new chapter in my new life.” Angela expresses. “I am lucky to be here to enjoy my family, and my friends. I am blessed to be able to speak to my fans through Chayz Lounge.” When asked how she fought her way back through such a turbulent time in her life, Angela gave much of the credit to her “wonderful” family and friends. “They provided a lot of support,” she says. “I never felt pity for myself because my mother and my daughter would not allow me to. My family would not let me fall.”

    Throughout her conversation with Carol, the powerful Bofill remained upbeat and full of glee. She uses humor to help make light of the situation and to brighten her darkest days. She expressed her “love” for people and wants her fans to know that she is “humbled by their countless prayers and encouraging words that also help me on my long road to recovery.” She is even more grateful to have performed in front of so many passionate human beings.

    Despite her strenuous regiment and life’s obstacles, the very ambitious, self-proclaimed, “stubborn, hardheaded Taurus” never gave up. When asked if she hoped to sing again, Angela replies, “Who knows, it’s up to God. If I sing again great, if I don’t fine. I’m alive because God has a plan for me.”

    Carol expresses how much of a pleasure it is to speak with the legendary jazz/R&B vocalist. “Angela is a hoot.” Carol says with a laugh. “She is a funny lady, but beside that, she is real and very down to earth. I have interviewed great talents in the past, but with Angela it wasn't just an interview...it was an engaging conversation, like one I would have with a long time friend. I was in awe of her warmth. From the moment she phoned Chayz Lounge to the end of the call, Angela was open, candid, and humorous. She is a beautiful spirit and an amazing woman.”

    Carol refers to Angela as her ‘Good Luck Charm’ and explains, “I was charged with booking talent for the television show, HUH, which aired back in the 90’s. The fact that no one had ever heard of the show or me, presented a challenge. Fortunately, I knew a stylist who worked with Angela and arranged a meeting. The meeting evolved into an impromptu interview that became the successful launching pad for the show.

    Over two decades later, the mention of my interview with Angela Bofill generated an unbelievable amount of excitement. People began tuning in to Chayz Lounge in record numbers in anticipation. She may be my good luck charm, but she is also an inspiration to many.”

    Angela’s message to the world is, “of love…all about love.” She is thankful for the continued support and sends lots of love in return.

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