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    One Day University

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    August 17, 2014


    One Day University

    One Day University is returning to Cape Cod! At One Day University there are no grades, no tests, no homework, and certainly no stress! The One Day University program offers a half-day of the best and the brightest professors from the country’s top universities presenting engaging talks on topics you’re sure to find interesting. At Heritage, the only location in the Greater Boston area, One Day University is bringing together the nation’s greatest professors from the finest schools to present 60-minute versions of their very best lectures. ”One Day U” works closely with each professor to identify the most fascinating information that can be taught in 60 minutes. The professors, rated as the best presenters at their prestigious universities are coming to educate and to entertain. All you have to do is treat yourself to a few hours of pure learning and intellectual stimulation.
    Heritage Museums & Gardens is partnering with One Day University to present a half- day of great talks and entertainment. Advance registration is highly recommended as these programs sell out.

    What Makes Shakespeare Great? - Joseph Luzzi / Bard College
    Where would we be without Shakespeare? The romantic love of the "star-crossed" Romeo and Juliet, the Oedipal complex of the eternally indecisive Hamlet, the "vaulting ambition" (Shakespeare's phrase) of the tortured Macbeth...all of these characters and so many more are an integral part of our collective memories. It is indeed impossible to imagine the English language and Western literature without Shakespeare, who many believe to be the greatest writer of all time. However we rank him, one thing is certain: when we read Shakespeare we encounter an inventiveness and intellectual energy that will change our understanding of language – and literature – forever.
    This presentation will reflect on what makes Shakespeare so "great" by bringing us inside the source of his genius: his unparalleled mastery of poetic and dramatic expression. We will explore Shakespeare's brilliant use of metaphor, dialogue, and especially his psychologically complex characters. We will also learn about the theatrical world in Shakespeare's day, as we consider such issues as his relation to his actors, the printing world, even the idea of "authorship" in his time. Above all, our focus will be on the true evidence of Shakespeare's greatness and discover why, in Shakespeare's own words, "the play's the thing."

    What Makes Mozart Great?
    Craig Wright / Yale
    What is it in Mozart’s music that makes it among the most sublime ever written? Using music and video clips from operas and films, we will explore the enormous diversity of Mozart’s music. At the same time, by examining color photographs of his autographed manuscripts and draft sketches, we will witness Mozart’s attention to the smallest detail.
    By the end of this session, we will come to see that not only is Mozart’s music great, but Mozart himself was unique, and arguably the most extraordinary creator ever to set foot on this planet.

    Political Science
    Why Public Opinion Polls Are So Often Wrong
    Jennifer Lawless / American University
    The 2012 elections were as much a victory for many pollsters as for Barack Obama. Nate Silver - among others - managed to predict with precision and accuracy the outcome of the presidential election in all 50 states, and the results of U.S. Senate races in nearly all cases. Given the limitations of polling and public opinion data, the pollsters' success was remarkable. After all, more people can name the judge who presided over the O.J. Simpson case than the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. More women and men know the color of Monica Lewinsky's infamous dress than the statute that conferred investigative power on Kenneth Starr. And each year, more Americans watch American Idol than the State of the Union Address. Yet Americans are polled - on a daily basis - about their attitudes regarding the fiscal cliff, marriage equality and reproductive rights, and - already - candidates likely to seek office in the 2014 midterm elections.

    Considering how little Americans know about politics, why have politicians, policy makers, and pundits come to rely so heavily on public opinion polls? How do pollsters and analysts ever manage to use public opinion data to generate accurate conclusions? Better yet, why are Americans so disgruntled when the pollsters get it wrong? Professor Lawless explains the common pitfalls associated with gathering "snapshots" of what Americans are thinking, suggests that we raise an eyebrow to everything we read, but ultimately underscores the value of polling, statistical evidence, and careful analysis.

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