NAAC Panel Discussion: Creating & Sustaining an Inclusive Community

As the first panel discussion of the spring series, NAACBoston hosted a discussion with Chris Robinson (Think Outside the VOX) and Mehdi Raoufi (Open Door Arts) exploring strategies for creating & sustaining an inclusive community, with a specific lens on accessibility. We welcome you to check out the entire conversation below, and here are some key spots for takeaways:

  • 06:50 Speaker Experiences with Accessibility Work
  • 14:30 Community Definitions of “Access & Inclusion”
  • 17:00 What does “Access & Inclusion” mean to Chris Robinson?
  • 20:18 What does “Access & Inclusion mean to Mehdi Raoufi?
  • 27:30 What can YOU bring to accessibility work?
  • 29:30 About Open Door Arts
  • 37:10 Open Door Arts Self-Assessment Tool
  • 41:50 About Think Outside the VOX
  • 47:50 How to bring disability communities into your programs
  • 51:00 Audience Q&A


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