Changing Lives and Creating Community.


Welcome to The Arts Factor 2019. There are many reasons for Boston to nurture its arts and culture, and the numbers show it: they drive economic growth, attract a young and talented workforce, and make the city a more attractive destination for visitors from across the globe. For all the statistics, however, the fact remains that the arts are ultimately about people – those who create them, those who support them, and all of us who live, work, and play in the city. Here, we’re making the case that the arts are not just important to our continued prosperity. They change lives and build community – and make Boston a better place for everyone. Join us!


Arts, culture, and creativity are economic engines for Boston, supporting local
businesses, as well as directly contributing over $2  billion to our economy every year.

$2 billion dollars - direct economic impact to Greater Boston from arts and culture last year
30k + - Jobs created in Greater Boston by the arts sector - almost as many as retail


Arts, culture, and creativity are part of our regional identity – they’re at the core of our brand, as important as sports, healthcare, education, and technology. More than that, they give meaning and purpose to everything we do.

9 minutes, how often an art event happens in Boston
21 million + Attendees at art events last year - over 4 times all major Boston sports events combined


Arts, culture, and creativity are integral to raising the next generation of leaders, entrepreneurs, and social innovators. They also help us attract – and retain – a talented, educated workforce. That’s how we stay competitive as a region.

60% CEOs who say creativity is the most important leadership quality
78% millennials who'd rather spend money on experiences than things


Arts, culture, and creativity help us understand each other and develop stronger bonds with our neighbors, building bridges across race and gender divides. They also help us address important social issues, give us context, and help us define our place and purpose in the world. But there is work to be done to make the sector fully inclusive.

9.8 million - Free admissions to arts and cultural events - that's 2 times the population of Greater Boston
535K Greater Boston children served by arts organizations in school
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