Current Openings:

WE’RE HIRING! This is a pivotal moment for ArtsBoston. After finalizing a two-year strategic plan in March 2024, we are building out the capacity to meet our strategic goals, with the addition of significant full and part-time team members across departments. New hires will be joining our small team of dedicated arts administrators in this new and exciting period of growth for ArtsBoston. We encourage you to review the listings below and apply.


Full-Time Openings

Director of Development

BosTix Manager


Part-Time Openings

Grant Writer (part-time, contract)

Advertising Sales Manager (part-time)

Equity & Access

Equity & access are core commitments interwoven into everything we do at ArtsBoston. We define equity as treating everyone fairly. An equity emphasis seeks to render justice by deeply considering structural factors that benefit some social groups/communities and harm other social groups/communities. Sometimes justice demands, for the purpose of equity, an unequal response (Source: YWCA, “Our Shared Language: Social Justice Glossary”). We recognize our part in the collective responsibility to foster an arts community in Boston that is inclusive of individuals with disabilities, including staff, partners, artists, and members of the public. We are continually improving the resources and accommodations that we offer, to ensure that everyone in our community can participate in arts programming with dignity, comfort, and independence. 

ArtsBoston aims to cultivate a staff and board culture that fosters a sense of belonging for all, grows individual and collective cultural empathy; and attracts people who are excited about helping ArtsBoston deepen its impact across diverse communities in Greater Boston. 


ArtsBoston relies on the ideas and contributions of diverse and talented students. All ArtsBoston internship opportunities are designed to help students meet their educational goals while advancing our organization’s mission.

Due to COVID-19, we have paused our practice of accepting applications on a seasonal rolling basis, but hope to resume soon.