The Network for
Arts Administrators of Color

NAACBoston welcomes self-identifying arts administrators of color, such as Asian American, African American, Native American, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander, Latin American, or multiracial individuals. The Network is open to individuals working in a full-time or part-time capacity at non-profit or for-profit arts and culture organization in Greater Boston, as well as freelancers and consultants.

NAAC Steering Committee

  • Allentza Michel
    Allentza Michel Founder and Creative Director, Powerful Pathways
  • Jazzmin Bonner
    Jazzmin Bonner Executive Assistant to the Executive Director, American Reperatory Theater ; Managing Director, Fresh Ink Theatre
  • Lyndsay Allyn Cox Freelance Theatre Artist, Producer, Senior Director of Programs and Experiences, Boston Center for the Arts
  • Yoshi Campbell
    Yoshi Campbell Executive Director, Coro Allegro

Looking for talented candidates of color to join your team?
Send us an email with the job description (salary range required) and we’ll share with the NAACBoston mailing list.

Member Directory

  • Aaron Keith
    Aaron Keith Musician, music producer
  • Aaron Wong
    Aaron Wong Filmmaker, Freelance
  • Abria Smith
    Abria Smith Associate Director, Community Affairs and Campus Engagement, Berklee College of Music
  • Adam Chuong
    Adam Chuong Education Manager, The Steel Yard
  • Adam Hanna
    Adam Hanna Freelance Musician, Self-Employed
  • Adewunmi Oke
    Adewunmi Oke Development Associate, Atlanta Music Project
  • Adrian Jones
    Adrian Jones Freelancer
  • Adriana Ray
    Adriana Ray Programs and Development Associate, Dance/USA
  • Adriana Rios
    Adriana Rios Grants Administrator | Programmer, Independent / Contract
  • Adriana Zuñiga
    Adriana Zuñiga Marketing Manager, Broadway in Boston
  • Adrienne Hawkins Artistic/Managing Director, Impulse Dance Co
  • Aislinn Brophy Work Study Program Coordinator, The Dance Complex
  • Aja Jackson
    Aja Jackson Program Director, Juneteenth Boston
  • Akiba Abaka
    Akiba Abaka Associate Producer, ArtsEmerson
  • Alex	Joachim
    Alex Joachim Photographer/Videographer, byAlexJoachim
  • Alexander Borgella
    Alexander Borgella Owner/Artist, Impeccable
  • Alexia Hernandez
    Alexia Hernandez Community Music School Operations Coordinator, Community Music Center of Boston
  • Alexis Lujares
    Alexis Lujares Marketing Associate, Boston Children's Chorus
  • Alfredo Munoz
    Alfredo Munoz Director of Marketing, Boston Gay Mens Chorus
  • Aliana de la Guardia
    Aliana de la Guardia Artistic Director, Guerilla Opera
  • Alicia Chick Development Officer, The Eliot School of Fine and Applied Arts
  • Alison Croney Program Director, Eliot School of Fine & Applied Arts
  • Alison Qu
    Alison Qu Co-Founder & Executive Producer, CHUANG Stage
  • Alkia Powell
    Alkia Powell Event Planner, The Powell Agency
  • Allegra Fletcher Artist | Educator | Organizer, Freelance
  • Allentza Michel
    Allentza Michel Founder and Creative Director, Powerful Pathways
  • Allison Maria Rodriguez
    Allison Maria Rodriguez Artist, Curator, Organizer, Educator; Freelancer
  • Allyssa Jones Consultant, Jones Creative & Consulting, LLC
  • Althea Blackford Owner, Event Producer, VStyle Productions
  • Alwyn McLeod
    Alwyn McLeod CEO, McLeod9
  • Amanda Gonzalez-Piloto
    Amanda Gonzalez-Piloto Communications & Outreach Manager, Urbano Project
  • Amanda Shea
    Amanda Shea Organizer / Poet / Curator / On-Air Personality / Artist
  • Amber Torres
    Amber Torres Public Art Project Manager, Mayor’s Office of Arts and Culture
  • Amy Chu
    Amy Chu Program Officer, CYD, Mass Cultural Council
  • Amyas McKnight
    Amyas McKnight President, Dorchester Art Project
  • Ana Masacote
    Ana Masacote Director; Dance to Power
  • Analiese	Barnes-Classen
    Analiese Barnes-Classen Coordinator of School Partnerships & Teacher Programs, Museum of Fine Arts
  • Anderson Stinson, III
    Anderson Stinson, III Marketing Apprentice Gloucester Stage/StageSource Bartender, Understudy/Intern
  • Andre Perez
    Andre Perez Strategic Communications Consultant, Documentary Film Producer, and Social Impact Producer, Self-Employed
  • Andrés Holder
    Andrés Holder Executive Director, Boston Children's Chorus
  • Andy Chau
    Andy Chau Director of Career Engagement, Berklee College of Music
  • Aneesh Kumar
    Aneesh Kumar Internship at Silkroad Ensemble, Freelance
  • Angela Flores
    Angela Flores Social Media and Email Marketing, Celebrity Series of Boston
  • Angela Glover
    Angela Glover Para Professional, Freelance
  • Angela Han Co-founder and Partner, Third Eye Cultural Collaborative
  • Angela Sison Owner, CONRADO
  • Anjelica Montemayor Assistant Director, Berklee College of Music
  • Anju Madhok
    Anju Madhok Programs Manager, Boston Chinatown Neighborhood Center
  • Anna Zhang
    Anna Zhang Student in History/Museum Studies/Fine Arts, Tufts University
  • Anne Wright
    Anne Wright Education Manager, Artisan's Asylum
  • Annette McCarty
    Annette McCarty Retired Department Chair of Art, The Annette McCarty Art Studio
  • Anni Sun
    Anni Sun Marketing Intern, Boston Center for the Arts
  • Annie Yang-Perez
    Annie Yang-Perez Senior Executive Affairs & Special Projects Officer New England Foundation for the Arts
  • Anthony W Lanier
    Anthony W Lanier Documentarian, AWL
  • Arafat Akbar
    Arafat Akbar Owner, LightSpeed Arts
  • Archana Menon
    Archana Menon Community Outreach Coordinator, Natick Center Cultural District
  • Ariana Lee
    Ariana Lee Assistant Event Manager of Lectures, Courses, and Concerts, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
  • Ariel Carmichael
    Ariel Carmichael Senior Director of Community Music School, Community Music Center of Boston
  • Aristides Mendes
    Aristides Mendes Musician/Producer, Music as a healing tool researcher
  • Arnetta Shepherd
    Arnetta Shepherd CEO, ALL DAT JAZZ Group
  • Arooj Ashraf
    Arooj Ashraf Henna Artist, Self-Employed
  • Ashleigh Gordon Artistic Director, Castle of our Skins
  • Ashton Lites
    Ashton Lites Executive Director, StiggityStackz Worldwide Inc
  • Asia Pyron
    Asia Pyron Marketing Intern, Midday Movement Series
  • Audrey Seraphin
    Audrey Seraphin Director & Arts Administration, Freelance
  • Austyn Ellese Mayfield
    Austyn Ellese Mayfield Senior Integrated Media Producer, Boston University
  • Ava Dudani
    Ava Dudani Music Clubhouse Coordinator, Sociedad Latina
  • Aysha Upchurch
    Aysha Upchurch Artist in Residence, Harvard Graduate School of Education
  • Azeb Freitas
    Azeb Freitas Executive Team Coordinator Isaacson, Miller
  • Beatriz Whitehill Community Artist, Freelance
  • Bedel Omar
    Bedel Omar President, East Africa Cultural Center
  • Ben Hires
    Ben Hires Director of Strategic Partnerships, Boston Public Library
  • Benny Sato Ambush
    Benny Sato Ambush Freelance SDC Stage Director / Educator / Consultant, Unaffiliated / Independent
  • Bithyah Israel Founding Executive Director, City Strings United
  • Brandon Milardo
    Brandon Milardo Assistant to the Administrative Officer, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Brian Lim
    Brian Lim Co-Founder & Operations Director, The Flavor Continues
  • Bridgit Brown
    Bridgit Brown Communications/Media Professional, Consultant
  • Brittany Ross
    Brittany Ross Box Office Associate / House Manager, The Lyric Stage Company of Boston
  • Bryana Gonzalez
    Bryana Gonzalez Admissions Counselor, Massachusetts College of Art & Design
  • Cagen Luse
    Cagen Luse Co-founder, Comics in Color
  • Cameron Lane
    Cameron Lane Sales and Community Outreach Associate, Artists for Humanity
  • Candelaria Silva-Collins
    Candelaria Silva-Collins Community Membership Coordinator, Huntington Theatre Company
  • Carla Mirabal Rodríguez
    Carla Mirabal Rodríguez Artistic Assistant, Huntington Theatre
  • Carmen Cohen
    Carmen Cohen Artist, Meta Art
  • Carmen Plazas
    Carmen Plazas Communications and Community Engagement Manager, Mass Cultural Council
  • Carolina Galván-Alvarado
    Carolina Galván-Alvarado Freelance animator and illustrator, Freelance
  • Carolyn Tidwell
    Carolyn Tidwell Interim Assistant Director/Acting Director, Center for Career Development, Curry College
  • Cassandra Ling
    Cassandra Ling Head of Strategic Program Development, Boston Symphony Orchestra
  • Catherine Cheng-Anderson
    Catherine Cheng-Anderson Director of People and Culture, Mass Cultural Council
  • Catherine Morris Founder, Boston Arts & Music Soul Festival (BAMS Fest)
  • Catherine Yee
    Catherine Yee Founder, Incluvie
  • Cecil Adderly Chair, Music Education, Berklee College of Music
  • Cecilia Mendez
    Cecilia Mendez Director, Center for Art and Community Partnerships, Massachusetts College of Art & Design
  • Cecilia Wright
    Cecilia Wright Development Associate, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
  • Cedric Douglas Creative Director, The Up Truck
  • Cerise Jacobs
    Cerise Jacobs Executive Director, White Snake Projects
  • Chanel Thervil
    Chanel Thervil Program Manager, The Art Connection
  • Charlene Browne
    Charlene Browne BPS Arts Expansion Program Assistant EdVestors
  • Charles Augustine
    Charles Augustine Box Office Associate, Puppet Showplace Theater
  • Chavi Bansal
    Chavi Bansal Arts Coordinator, PAO ARTS CENTER- BCNC
  • Chenoa Baker
    Chenoa Baker Curator, Writer, and Consultant, Freelance / Beacon Gallery
  • Cheyenne Cohn-Postell
    Cheyenne Cohn-Postell Promotions and Community Coordinator, Huntington Theatre Company
  • Chinazo Otiono
    Chinazo Otiono Administrative Assistant, BalletRox
  • Chisom Nwazojie
    Chisom Nwazojie Coordinator, NAMSA
  • Chloe Garcia Roberts
    Chloe Garcia Roberts Deputy Editor, Harvard Review
  • Chris Guerra
    Chris Guerra Cultural Affairs Supervisor of Public Art, City of Santa Monica
  • Chris Santos Commissioner, Brookline Commission for the Arts
  • Christina Davis
    Christina Davis Associate Dean, Diversity and Inclusion, Berklee School of Music
  • Christine Armstrong
    Christine Armstrong Career and Education Manager | Adjunct Professor FamilyAid Boston | Lesley University
  • Christopher Robinson
    Christopher Robinson Co-Founder, Thinking Outside the Vox
  • Chu Huang
    Chu Huang Senior Assistant Director, College Advising Corp at Boston University
  • Cilicia Rios
    Cilicia Rios Development Intern, Central Square Theater
  • Claudia Gonzalez
    Claudia Gonzalez Membership Assistant, Events & Programs, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
  • Claudia Robaina Winston
    Claudia Robaina Winston Dean of Artistic Administration, New England Conservatory
  • Colgan Johnson
    Colgan Johnson Multimedia Artist 1981andCo
  • Conrad Lamour
    Conrad Lamour Event Planner / Fashion designer, Boston En Vogue / Brazilian Fashion Week USA
  • Corey DePina Youth Development and Performance Manager , Zumix
  • Cornell Coley Producer/Teaching Artist, Coley Communications
  • Courtney Chang
    Courtney Chang Project Manager, Stewardship & Donor Relations, Berklee College of Music
  • Courtney Han
    Courtney Han Fiction Writer, Freelancer
  • Courtney Sharpe
    Courtney Sharpe Director of Cultural Planning, Mayor's Office of Arts and Culture
  • Craig Bailey
    Craig Bailey Photographer, Perspective Photo
  • Creatives of Color Boston
    Creatives of Color Boston Co-owner and Performing Arts Strategist, Creatives of Color Boston
  • Cristina Dones
    Cristina Dones Manager of Community Engagement, The Network/La Red
  • Cynthia Woo
    Cynthia Woo Director, Pao Arts Center, Boston Chinatown Neighborhood Center
  • Cynthia Yee
    Cynthia Yee Educator, Writer, Artist, Art Collaborator, Freelance
  • Damaris Calderon
    Damaris Calderon Community Engagement Manager, Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum
  • Dana Whiteside
    Dana Whiteside President, Board of Directors, Emmanuel Music
  • Danay Vera
    Danay Vera Education Coordinator, Isabella Stewart Gardener Museum
  • Daniel Callahan
    Daniel Callahan Principle Artist, Create & Record
  • Daniel Valenica
    Daniel Valenica Senior Graphic Designer, Freelance
  • Daniela Jacobson Plotkin Program Coordinator, Presenting & Touring and Accessibility Coordinator, New England Foundation for the Arts
  • Danielle Butler
    Danielle Butler Executive Assistant, The Theater Offensive
  • Danielle Legros Georges
    Danielle Legros Georges Director, MFA Program In Creative Writing, Lesley University
  • Dara Cheek
    Dara Cheek Director of Adult Programs & Engagement, The Eliot School of Fine & Applied Arts
  • Dariel Suarez Head of Faculty & Curriculum, GrubStreet
  • Darren Cole
    Darren Cole Digital Storyteller, City of Boston
  • David Guerra
    David Guerra Director, AREA CODE ART FAIR
  • David Holland
    David Holland Principal, David Holland Consulting
  • David Howse Executive Director, ArtsEmerson
  • Davron Monroe
    Davron Monroe Director of Equity, Diversity & Inclusion, Moonbox Productions
  • Dawn Simmons Executive Director, StageSource
  • Dawna Gyukeri Director of Annual Giving, Boston Athenaeum
  • Dayenne Walters
    Dayenne Walters Founder and Director, Billboard Hope
  • Debbie Jacob Database Administrator, Museum of Science
  • Deborah Quave
    Deborah Quave Writer, Use Your Words The Movement
  • Deena Anderson
    Deena Anderson Director of Community Arts ,Cambridge Arts, Associate Producer, Cambridge Jazz Festival, Producer and Arts Administrator
  • Deidra Montgomery
    Deidra Montgomery Arts & Culture Consultant and Anti-Oppression Facilitator, Freelance
  • Denine Wilson
    Denine Wilson Photographer/Videographer, Freelance
  • Denise Arellano
    Denise Arellano Marketing Coordinator, Boch Center
  • Denise Delgado Executive Director Egleston Square Main Street
  • Derek Lumpkins
    Derek Lumpkins Director, Neighborhood Partnerships & Programs, Northeastern Crossing at Northeastern University
  • Des Bennett
    Des Bennett Connectivity Coordinator / Education Facilitator, Central Square Theater / Reground Theatre Collective
  • Deyaniera Claudio
    Deyaniera Claudio Artist, DeyCloud Art
  • Diana Xochitl Munn
    Diana Xochitl Munn Director of Public Programs, Harvard Museums of Science & Culture
  • DiDi	Delgado
    DiDi Delgado CEO, Self-Employed
  • Domenica Dillon
    Domenica Dillon Assoc. Managing Director, Jean McDonough Arts Center
  • Dominique Burford
    Dominique Burford Associate Manager of Production & Operations, SpeakEasy Stage Company
  • Doneeca Thurston
    Doneeca Thurston Director, Lynn Museum/Lynn Arts
  • Doreen Reis
    Doreen Reis Advertising Manager, Boston Symphony Orchestra
  • Doumafis Lafontan
    Doumafis Lafontan Artist, Z Gallery
  • Eddie Maisonet
    Eddie Maisonet Storyteller/Consultant
  • Edwin Cabrera Chair Person, Lynn Hip Hop Wall of Fame
  • Eiji Miura
    Eiji Miura Voice Faculty, Clark University
  • Eliana Ulloa
    Eliana Ulloa Student, Emerson College
  • Elijiah Harrell
    Elijiah Harrell
  • Elisa	Cortes
    Elisa Cortes Community Outreach Director, Greater Boston Stage Company
  • Elisa Hamilton
    Elisa Hamilton Artist, Educator, Facilitator, Freelancer
  • Elizabeth Cai
    Elizabeth Cai Human Resources & Business Office Manager, Community Music Center of Boston
  • Elizabeth Fernandes
    Elizabeth Fernandes Artist /creator Vivalashiekh
  • Elizabeth Mochizuki
    Elizabeth Mochizuki Artistic Director, Asian American Ballet Project
  • Elizabeth Moy
    Elizabeth Moy Program Manager, Assets for Artists
  • Elizabeth Ramirez
    Elizabeth Ramirez New England Area Liaison Committee Chair, Actors' Equity Association
  • Ellen Tani
    Ellen Tani Assistant Curator, The Institute of Contemporary Art/Boston
  • Ellice Patterson Founder & Director, Abilities Dance
  • Elsa Mosquera Co-Founder, Ágora Cultural Architects
  • Elsa Mosquera
    Elsa Mosquera Founder/Principal, Agora Cultural Architects
  • Elyse Veloria
    Elyse Veloria Educator, Freelance
  • Emily Conwell
    Emily Conwell Table of Voices Program Manager, MFA
  • Emmy Ly
    Emmy Ly Payroll and Benefits Administrator, Boston Athenaeum
  • Ena Fox
    Ena Fox Consultant/Educator
  • Erin Holder
    Erin Holder Project Specialist, Harvard Museums of Science & Culture
  • Erin Raber
    Erin Raber Department Coordinator, Berklee
  • Ernesto Lea Place
    Ernesto Lea Place Aerialist/Dancer, Pas de Deux Straps
  • Eson Kim Youth Programs Manager, GrubStreet
  • Evelyn Lee
    Evelyn Lee Director of Visual and Performing Arts, Boston Renaissance Charter Public School
  • Eziah Blake
    Eziah Blake PYTA Manager, Pride Youth Theater Alliance
  • Fabienne Keck
    Fabienne Keck Curatorial Dept. Coordinator, Institute of Contemporary Art /Boston
  • Falyn Elhard
    Falyn Elhard Program Coordinator, New England Presenting & Touring, New England Foundation for the Arts
  • Fei Gao
    Fei Gao Arts Administration Program Coordinator, Boston University Metropolitan College
  • Felicia Holman Communication Director (Links Hall); Co-founder (ALCN) Links Hall & Art Leaders of Color Network (Chicago)
  • Felicia Meggison
    Felicia Meggison Artist/Principle Content Strategist, FeeFiFoFun Creative
  • Flolynda Jean
    Flolynda Jean Education Assistant, Studio Programs, ICA Boston
  • Florentina Gutierrez
    Florentina Gutierrez Front Desk Receptionist, Skinner, Inc.
  • Fox Harrell Associate Professor, Comparative Media Studies | Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Francie Latour
    Francie Latour Director of Educational Programming Initiatives, Diversity & Inclusion at Boston University Office of Diversity and Inclusion
  • Frankie Concepcion
    Frankie Concepcion Development Coordinator, SpeakEasy Stage Company
  • Gabriela Alvarado
    Gabriela Alvarado Artistic Director/ Vice President, Amaranti Ensemble/ Texas Flute Society
  • Gabriela Diaz
    Gabriela Diaz Co-Artistic Director, Winsor Music
  • Genie Santiago
    Genie Santiago Musician & Event Curator
  • George ‘Chip’ Greenidge
    George ‘Chip’ Greenidge Director, Greatest MINDS
  • Gilesa Thomas Freelance Digital Marketer
  • Gloretta Baynes
    Gloretta Baynes Director/ Curator/ Artist, African American Master Artist in Residence Program (AAMARP)
  • Gwendolyn Walker Grant Writer, Artists for Humanity
    HAAWWS M Board Member, Dorchester Art Project
  • Hana Omiya Academic Assistant, MIT Program in Art, Culture & Technology
  • Hanako Brais
    Hanako Brais Research & Programming Assistant, Arts Connect International
  • Hannah “Schzde” López Vega
    Hannah “Schzde” López Vega Music production and songwriting faculty / violinist, CMCB
  • Haris Lefteri
    Haris Lefteri Artistic Director, Hibernian Hall
  • Harold Steward
    Harold Steward Producing Co-Executive Director, The Theater Offensive
  • Hector Solano
    Hector Solano Owner, 617Live
  • Helen Zhang
    Helen Zhang Fundraising Events Coordinator, Massachusetts College of Art and Design
  • Henry Marte
    Henry Marte Photographer & Filmmaker, Marte Media
  • Herbert Jones
    Herbert Jones Volunteer and Intern Programs Manager, Museum of Fine Arts
  • Hillarie Pilier Hernandez
    Hillarie Pilier Hernandez Singer
  • Holly Dyer
    Holly Dyer Community Engagement Manager, Community Music Center of Boston
  • Homa Sarabi
    Homa Sarabi Independent Artist/Curator
  • Hubert Ho
    Hubert Ho Co-Artistic Director, Dinosaur Annex Music Ensemble
  • Ian Saunders
    Ian Saunders Assistant Dean for Artistic and Social Change, Longy School of Music
  • Iaritza Menjivar
    Iaritza Menjivar Event and Public Art Coordinator, Somerville Arts Council
  • Ingrid Pabon
    Ingrid Pabon Department Administrator, Tufts University
  • Isabel Catalina Hibbard
    Isabel Catalina Hibbard Freelance
  • Israel Gutierrez
    Israel Gutierrez Manager of Community Engagement, Celebrity Series of Boston
  • J. Cottle Executive Director, Dunamis-Boston
  • Jacquinn Sinclair
    Jacquinn Sinclair Contributing Arts Writer
  • Jae’da Turner
    Jae’da Turner Founder & Managing Director, Black Owned Bos.
  • Jahbreil Campbell
    Jahbreil Campbell Songwriter, Arts Administrator , Self
  • Jamal Jones Owner, Secretcitymusicgroup
  • James Boyd
    James Boyd Manager, Procurement Services, Berklee School of Music
  • Jamie Kodera
    Jamie Kodera Development Associate, Leadership Gifts, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
  • Jamilah Bradshaw
    Jamilah Bradshaw Program Officer, The Barr Foundation
  • Jamison Cloud
    Jamison Cloud Operations Manager Now+There
  • Janelle Gilchrist
    Janelle Gilchrist Artistic Director/Choreographer, Janelle Gilchrist Dance Troupe
  • Janet Chen Study Center Art Handler, Harvard Art Museums
  • Janette Santos
    Janette Santos Co-owner, Creatives of Color BOSTON
  • Jarod Stone
    Jarod Stone Student, Harvard College
  • Jarvis Green Founder & Producing Artistic Director, JAG Productions
  • Jasmine Garcia
    Jasmine Garcia Education Programs Manager, Dunamis, Inc.
  • Jasmine Lee
    Jasmine Lee Artist
  • Jasmine McCurry
    Jasmine McCurry Student Experience Coordinator, Lesley Art + Design and Lesley Grad Student
  • Javier Caballero
    Javier Caballero Artistic Director, Project STEP
  • Javiera Lagunas-Alvarez
    Javiera Lagunas-Alvarez Associate Director of Education, Boch Center
  • Jay Bernal
    Jay Bernal Program Manager, Project 351
  • Jazz Dottin
    Jazz Dottin Program Manager, Brandeis University
  • Jazzmin Bonner
    Jazzmin Bonner Executive Assistant to the Executive Director, American Reperatory Theater ; Managing Director, Fresh Ink Theatre
  • Jean Player
    Jean Player Manager, Chorus pro Musica
  • Jeila Irdmusa Marketing & Communications Manager, Boston Lyric Opera
  • JENN MÁRQUEZ Personal Branding & Event Photographer, Freelance
  • Jennifer Chen
    Jennifer Chen Managing Director, American Modern Opera Company
  • Jennifer Erickson
    Jennifer Erickson Manager of Arts & Culture, Metropolitan Area Planning Council
  • Jennifer Javier Volunteer Manager 826 Boston
  • Jennifer Lin
    Jennifer Lin Dancer, Choreographer, Teaching Artist, Boston Conservatory at Berklee
  • Jennifer Lin-Weinheimer Founder, CreateWell Fund
  • Jeomil Tovar
    Jeomil Tovar Actor, Freelance
  • Jerald Watson
    Jerald Watson Photographer, Freelance
  • Jeremy Colon
    Jeremy Colon Partner/Operation Manager, It’s Another Heist
  • Jeremy Gooden
    Jeremy Gooden Internship and Program Coordinator, EdVestors
  • Jessica Hong Assistant Curator, Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston
  • Jessica Roseman
    Jessica Roseman Director, Jessica Roseman Dance
  • Jessie Magyar School and Family Programs Manager Institute of Contemporary Art/ Boston
  • Jhona Xaviera
    Jhona Xaviera Volunteer Engagement Specialist, 826 Boston
  • Jingyi Zhang
    Jingyi Zhang Registrar and Facilities Coordinator, Community Music Center of Boston
  • Jinyi Duan
    Jinyi Duan Exective Director and Co-Founder, The Flavor Continues
  • Jo Craig
    Jo Craig Data Entry and Stewardship, Berklee College of Music
  • JO Welch
    JO Welch Founder, Director, Mystic River Theater Company- self-employed
  • Joe Rodriguez
    Joe Rodriguez Grants Management Assistant, Barr Foundation
  • Johnny Nichols, Jr.
    Johnny Nichols, Jr. Director of Education/Assistant Conductor, Boston Gay Men's Chorus
  • Joi Harper
    Joi Harper Advancement Associate, Community Music Center of Boston
  • Jonah Toussaint
    Jonah Toussaint Artistic Associate, Front Porch Arts Collective
  • Jonathan Holland Head, School of Music Carnegie Mellon University
  • Jorge Andrés Ballesteros
    Jorge Andrés Ballesteros Community Director, White Snake Projects
  • Jose Eduardo Giesbrecht Carvalho
    Jose Eduardo Giesbrecht Carvalho Painter, Freelance
  • José Nieto
    José Nieto Chief Strategy Officer, ThinkArgus, ArtsBoston Board Member
  • Josean Ortiz
    Josean Ortiz Community Programs Manager, The Theater Offensive
  • Joseph Quisol Programming Fellow Arts Connect International
  • Josephine Ho
    Josephine Ho Development Officer, Museum Council, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
  • JR Sullivan
    JR Sullivan Owner, Odessa
  • Juan	Arevalo
    Juan Arevalo Director, Nomind
  • Juan Omar Rodriguez
    Juan Omar Rodriguez Consulting Curator, Museum of Fine Arts
  • Judy Pryor-Ramirez
    Judy Pryor-Ramirez Elma Lewis Scholar-in-Residence, Emerson College
  • Julia Kim
    Julia Kim Membership and Visitor Services Representative, Museum of Fine Arts
  • Julia Schachnik
    Julia Schachnik Community Organizing Manager, American Repertory Theater
  • Julian Gau
    Julian Gau Master's Student in Conducting, Boston Conservatory and Founder, Horizon Ensemble
  • Julianna Quiroz
    Julianna Quiroz Programs Assistant, The Theater Offensive
  • June Cruz
    June Cruz Artist and Designer, ENAMOUR Design House
  • Justin Samoy
    Justin Samoy Development Associate , The New Group
  • Justina Crawford
    Justina Crawford Consultant
  • Kahmal London
    Kahmal London Flagship Manager, The Clubhouse Network
  • Kaleighia Green
    Kaleighia Green Artist, Freelance
  • Kameko Branchaud Connected Learning Developer, Peabody Essex Museum
  • Kana Dehara Pianist & Composer
  • Kara Elliott-Ortega
    Kara Elliott-Ortega Chief of Arts and Culture, Mayor's Office of Arts and Culture, City of Boston
  • Karen Young Founder, The Genki Spark
  • Karla Taveras
    Karla Taveras Student, Fitchburg State University
  • Karthik Subramanian
    Karthik Subramanian Interim Managing Director, Company One Theatre
  • Kat Nakaji
    Kat Nakaji Project Manager of Technical Operations , ArtLab at Harvard University
  • Kate Casner
    Kate Casner Digital Marketing Associate, The Lyric Stage Company of Boston
  • Katherine McNally
    Katherine McNally Development Associate, Planned Giving, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
  • Katherine Shozawa
    Katherine Shozawa Director of Community Engagement, Lesley University College of Art & Design
  • Kathy Eow
    Kathy Eow Foundation Relations Manager, ArtsEmerson
  • Kathy King
    Kathy King Director of Education, Ceramics Program - Office for the Arts at Harvard
  • Katytarika Bartel
    Katytarika Bartel Co-founder, Angry Asian Girls
  • Kelley Chunn
    Kelley Chunn Acting President, Roxbury Cultural District
  • Kendrick Evans Digital Content Manager, Exchange Programming, American Public Television
  • Kenneth Griffith
    Kenneth Griffith Associate Director of Choirs , Boston Children’s Chorus
  • Kenneth Leibe
    Kenneth Leibe Application Systems Engineer, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
  • Kevin Johnson
    Kevin Johnson Director, Office for Diversity & Inclusion, Berklee School of Music
  • Kiara Cole
    Kiara Cole Administrative Manager, The Loop Lab, Inc.
  • Kim Szeto
    Kim Szeto Program Manager, Creative City, New England Foundation for the Arts
  • Kimberly Saunders Creative Director/Artist, Freelance
  • Kimvy  Nguyen
    Kimvy Nguyen Special Education Coordinator, Boston Public Schools
  • Kitzner Vassor
    Kitzner Vassor DJ | Producer | Artist | Activist, Soam Production, Inc.
  • Kortney Adams Education Manager, Central Square Theater; Managing Director, Theatre Espresso
  • Kripa Joseph
    Kripa Joseph Program Coordinator, Boston Children's Chorus
  • Kritika Prasher
    Kritika Prasher Area Director, Toastmasters International
  • Kyara (DJ TROY Frost) Andrade-Howell
    Kyara (DJ TROY Frost) Andrade-Howell DJ & Educator, Purple Produce Arts Services
  • Lani Asuncion Founder & Events Manager, Digital Soup
  • Latiana Gourzong
    Latiana Gourzong Technical Director, American Repertory Theater
  • Laura Rivera
    Laura Rivera Marketing, Ágora Cultural Architects
  • Laura Yee
    Laura Yee National Workshops Manager, The Harmony Project
  • Lauren Brooks School Administrator for the Boston Studio, Boston Ballet
  • Lauren James
    Lauren James Feature Writer, Static Media
  • Lauren Pellerano Gomez
    Lauren Pellerano Gomez Senior Director of Communications, Boston Center for the Arts
  • Laury Gutierrez Executive and Artistic Director, La Donna Musicale/RUMBARROCO
  • LaWanda	Turner
    LaWanda Turner Owner , Pharaoh Essentials (Self Employed)
  • Layla Bermeo
    Layla Bermeo Assistant Curator of Paintings, Art of the Americas, Museum of Fine Arts
  • Layor Rodrick Guevara
    Layor Rodrick Guevara Fashion designer
  • Leah Bognanni
    Leah Bognanni Out of School Time Program Coordinator & Freelance Script Analyst, 826 Boston & Freelance
  • Leclerc  Jean-Louis
    Leclerc Jean-Louis Freelancer
  • Lecolion Washington Executive Director, Community Music Center of Boston
  • Leslie Condon
    Leslie Condon Program Manager, Pao Arts Center
  • Leslie Wu Foley VP, Government Relations and External Affairs, Boys & Girls Club of Boston
  • Leticia St. Remy
    Leticia St. Remy Program Manager, Parenting Journey
  • Lillian Hsu
    Lillian Hsu Director of Public Art and Exhibitions, Cambridge Arts Council
  • Linette Charles
    Linette Charles Chief of Staff, Now + There
  • Lisa Field-Coleman
    Lisa Field-Coleman Associate Director, Stewardship and Major Gifts, American Repertory Theater | Loeb Drama Center
  • Lisa Simmons
    Lisa Simmons Festivals Program Manager, Massachusetts Cultural Council
  • Livia	Aber
    Livia Aber Advisory Board Member, New Art Center
  • Liz Goodwin
    Liz Goodwin Senior Communications Manager, Grub Street
  • Lizbeth Romero
    Lizbeth Romero Program Coordinator, Abilities Dance Boston
  • London Basquiat
    London Basquiat Artist, Self-Employed
  • Loreto Ansaldo Founder, Activist Calendar
  • Lucilda Dassardo-Cooper Owner, CooperLu Productions
  • Lucy	Jynx
    Lucy Jynx Helper/Assistant, Freelance
  • Luiza deCamargo
    Luiza deCamargo Development Officer, Foundations & Government Relations, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
  • Lydia Polanco-Pena Events and Exhibits Coordinator, Mission Hill Artists Collective
  • Lyjah Torres-Reyes
    Lyjah Torres-Reyes Operations Manager, South Shore Children's Chorus
  • Lyndsay Allyn Cox Freelance Theatre Artist, Producer, Senior Director of Programs and Experiences, Boston Center for the Arts
  • Lynn Murray Program and Events Manager, The Clubhouse Network
  • Madeline Lam
    Madeline Lam Council Member, Malden Cultural Council
  • Madelyn Washington
    Madelyn Washington Digital Learning Librarian, Berklee School of Music
  • Makeeba McCreary
    Makeeba McCreary President, New Commonwealth Fund
  • Malia Jallah Copywriter, Freelance
  • Maliaka Shepard
    Maliaka Shepard Director of Strategic Planning and Special Projects, Museum of African American History
  • Maliaka Shepard
    Maliaka Shepard Director of Strategic Planning & Special Projects, Museum of African American History
  • Malik Williams
    Malik Williams Composer, Producer, Engineer, Educator, Reel Sync Music (freelance)
  • Mara Elissa Palma Emerging Actor, Intiman Theatre
  • Marcus Thompson Artistic Director Boston Chamber Music Society
  • Margo Gabriel
    Margo Gabriel Freelance Writer, Cuisine Noir Magazine
  • Maria Alejandra Mata
    Maria Alejandra Mata Photographer / Retoucher, Self
  • Maria Cabrera Supervisor, Community Relations , Museum of Science
  • Maria DeJesus
    Maria DeJesus Writer/Photographer/Digital Content Creator, Freelance