April Staff Picks

Betty Who: Party in the Valley Tour: Royale 
April 15
After teasing us with her stellar cover of Donna Lewis’s “I Love You Always Forever, “ Betty Who’s finally answered the Who Crew’s prayers with her sexy single “Human Touch”- which has been on nonstop play on my Spotify since it was released this fall. The Berklee College of Music alum now returns to Boston with her infectious, fizzy pop in support of her new LP The Valley.

17 Border Crossings: ArtsEmerson, Paramount Center 
April 19 – 29
With headline after headline about illegal immigration and the constitutionality of travel bans, this one-man show takes audiences by the hand on a trip around the world and questions the boundaries and imaginary lines we use to divide the world and poses questions about the fraught migrations of our era.

Maggie Meiners: Rockwell Revisited: The Garner Center at the New England School of Photography
April 24 – May 26 
Norman Rockwell is known to contemporary audiences for his illustrating America’s quaint past, creating a nostalgia for some by-gone area, but the prolific artist’s work for The Saturday Evening Post often was far more complex. Photographer Maggie Meiners investigates the cultural issues addressed in Rockwell’s work, appropriating his compositions to reflect on present day issues.

Peerless: Company One Theatre at the Boston Public Library
April 27 –  May 27| BosTix Deal Available
This bright, loud, colorful, and caustic comedy by Jiehae Park about cutthroat twin-sister high schoolers who’ll do anything to get into college, even eliminating the competition – permanently, takes Shakespeare’s Scottish play as inspiration.

Darkness Made Visible: Derek Jarman and Mark Bradford: Museum of Fine Arts, Boston 
Now – July 30
Derek Jarman, considered one of Europe’s greatest independent film-markers, and MacArthur “Gensus” Mark Bradford are paired together in screenings of Jarman’s Blue and Bradford’s Spiderman two films that expose the forces that marginalized queer bodies in the 1980s. One film reveals the bitter truth about the world’s ignorance of singular suffering of an AIDS victim, and the other attempts to capture the moment society begins to accept ignorance and misinformation.

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