Members Only: How to Make the Most of ArtsBoston’s Weekly Comp Offer

ArtsBoston Member Organizations receive many public benefits, from discounted advertising and preferred placement on the ArtsBoston Calendar and BosTix, to workshops and programming on audience development and issues of equity, diversity, and inclusion. However, one of membership’s best kept secrets is the Weekly Comp Offer for members, by members. If you’re already a member of ArtsBoston, here’s what you need to know to get involved:

Weekly Comp Offers go out every Wednesday at noon when available.

Who sees the offer? The Comp Offer is exclusive to arts and culture industry members who are employed or affiliated with an ArtsBoston Member Organization. It is not available to the general public.

How do I submit? It’s simple! Just contact us by 10:00 AM Wednesday morning. Here are the things she’ll need from you:

  • The name of the event, as well as the performance time and venue
  • A high-resolution, landscape-oriented photo to include in the offer
  • How members should go about reserving comps (e.g. contact email address, Google form, promo code to use at checkout, etc.)
  • brief description of the event – no more than 2-3 sentences

An easy way to get a majority of this info to ArtsBoston (and the public) is to submit your event to the ArtsBoston Calendar. If your event is already on the ArtsBoston Calendar, and the posting contains all of the above, you can just send a link to the event on the ArtsBoston calendar with the details of the offer, and we’ll take it from there!

What events are eligible for the Comp Offer? In order for your event to be included in comp offer, it must be:

  • A ticketed performance or presentation by an ArtsBoston Member Organization
  • Happening within the next two weeks
  • Unique and exclusive to ArtsBoston Members
  • New to the Weekly Comp Offer

What events are NOT eligible for the Comp Offer? We do not include:

  • Events that are free to the general public without a suggested donation
  • Fundraising or development events
  • Events that require admission fees to access
  • Events happening two or more weeks away
  • Repeat offers that have already been featured

Can I limit the number of comps I offer? Sure, but that’s up to you and your box office to maintain. We can mention limits if there is space in the copy, but with the 2-3 sentence limit, it gets very tight. We recommend clarifying any limits or stipulations on a landing page that we can link to in our email.

Do people actually use the Comp OffersYes! It’s some of our constituents’ favorite perk of membership, and it goes out to over 1,100 arts and culture staff members every week, with an open rate consistently above 35%.

That’s sounds great…but I’ve never gotten a comp offer! Oh, no! If you are a staff member of an ArtsBoston Member Organization, please contact us and we will put you on the list right away. Then, I’m sure Weekly Comp Offers will become a highlight of your Wednesday, too.

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