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Art for a New Age…

2020 is here, and the ArtsBoston team is all ready to kick off the decade with arts happenings of every genre and style. What will the Roaring 20’s see you get up to?

What We’re Recommending:


Follies for Boston | Presented by The Boston She Party Productions

December 31 – January 5

“I am a total sucker for shows that combine my loves of American history and the performing arts, so I think the new show,  Follies for Boston, will be a perfect start to my new year. With dance numbers, Boston-specific stories from the old days, and steamy jazz, I hope to be transported to my happy place with this new art piece that interacts with the local events of the American Revolution. I love my city and woman-centric art, so I will be sure to make my way to the BCA for this delightful revue. See you there, patriots!”


Nuevo Tango | Presented by Pro Arte Chamber Orchestra

January 12

“There is arguably not a more sensual and romantic dance than the tango. A large part of the tango’s appeal is the music that accompanies it. Pro Arte Chamber Orchestra first concert of 2020 celebrates the tango with Nuevo Tango on January 12. Conductor Emerita Gisele Ben-Dor returns for a dazzling concert of South American works featuring Argentine bandoneon virtuoso Juanjo Mosalini. And if you can’t make the concert on the 12th, it’s being recorded live for commercial release.”


Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Celebration | Presented by Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

January 20

“The MFA has a great community event coming up to help you kick off your new year right. 2020 marks the 150th Anniversary of the Museum of Fine Arts. They are offering free first year memberships at all of their community days throughout the year to celebrate, the first of which is on MLK Day on January 20. Check out the whole museum, including a roster of special events, for free — and get a chance to go back all year round!”


RUBBERBAND (Winter Dance Fest) | Presented by Global Arts Live

January 25

“Global Arts Live is bringing some exciting out-of-town dance to Boston with their Winter Dance Festival. First in the festival lineup is Montreal-based RUBBERBAND, led by L.A.-born choreographer Victor Quijada, whose enticing dance style is inspired by breakdancing, ballet, and contemporary dance. This particular performance includes the premiere of Ever So Slightly and is accompanied by live music — a great show to start off the new year!”


Pass Over | Presented by SpeakEasy Stage Company & The Front Porch Arts Collective

January 3 – 25

“When I first read this play last year, I was wildly moved by Antoinette Nwandu’s illuminating writing, especially the gut-wrenching dialogue in this piece. Now that this play is being produced in Boston at SpeakEasy Stage Company, I’m excited to see how this story of being stuck, drawing from the iconic Waiting for Godot, resonates with our community in ways we haven’t seen yet. ”


HAIR: The American Tribal Love-Rock Musical | Presented by New Repertory Theatre

January 25 – February 23

“I know the songs from Hair from cast recordings and covers but I’ve never seen it! I am so looking forward to seeing it at New Rep later this month. They have been making casting announcements on their Facebook page, and the excitement just keeps building. Let the sunshine in this winter, and hopefully I’ll see you there!”


Medusa: Reclaiming the Myth | Presented by Museum of Science, Boston

January 30

“You might not think of the Museum of Science as a place for innovative arts events, but attending Medusa: Reclaiming the Myth will put MOS on your list of great cultural venues for sure. A one-night-only reprise of a 2019 event, Medusa is an animated audio play in the Charles Hayden Planetarium that aims to reclaim the underlying themes of female empowerment, cunning, and collaboration in the classic Greek tale. This multimedia event sold out last summer, so be sure to get your tickets now!”


boom | Presented by Wellesley Repertory Theatre

January 16 – February 9

“I first saw this play when I was a freshman in high school, and it truly rocked my world. This epic and intimate comedy by Peter Sinn Nachtrieb explores a date that takes on evolutionary significance after a major global catastrophe. What happens when hooking up becomes a matter of survival? Will two grad students be able to save the world? I don’t want to give away any spoilers, but you’re sure to laugh, grimace, and grin at this wild and wily play.”

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Pictured above: Kadahj Bennett and Hubbens “Bobby” Cius in rehearsal for SpeakEasy Stage’s production of Pass Over. Photo by Nile Scott Studios.

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