Holding Ourselves Accountable: A Statement of Solidarity and Action


To the Boston Arts Community:

Black and Brown people across the country and in our community are suffering through all stages of grief born from a history on constant repeat. Their pain encompasses not just the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and countless others, but centuries of systemic violence and oppression built into our society that has sought to devalue Black life. We at ArtsBoston stand in solidarity for the call for justice and affirm that:


The public health pandemic (which itself is highlighting the health disparities facing communities of color) is requiring new modes of working, new ways of interacting, and an urgency to survive and rebuild. But first, arts organizations must recognize their role in sustaining and perpetuating institutionalized racism – and that starts with us. ArtsBoston is committed to using our privilege, resources, and networks to rebuild a more equitable, diverse, and inclusive arts and cultural community.

We are committed to advancing this work beyond a few programs and training by more fully integrating an anti-oppression lens into our organizational strategies, policies, and procedures. As a primarily white organization with a majority membership of white-led arts organizations, we realize we have much to learn and are committed to the long-term work ahead.

ArtsBoston is committed to centering EDI principals and practices in our COVID-19 recovery efforts including:

  • Conduct anti-racism training for staff and board
  • Complete an audit of internal policies including recruiting, hiring, onboarding, and retention processes
  • Determine where improvements are needed in terms of membership, programming, and new initiatives
  • Develop an organizational EDI plan and training schedule with particular attention on tangible year one process, priorities, budget, and outcomes

We all have a moral obligation to call out anti-blackness and stop it. We fully hold ourselves and our colleagues accountable. We will continue to educate ourselves through training and listening and will apologize when we get it wrong.

ArtsBoston’s mission is to create powerful relationships between arts organizations, the public, and every sector of civic life to build an arts sector that represents the true character and diversity of our city. We ask that you join us.

Here are some ways to get started. Please take action now!

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Please Read and Amplify

Please Join and Volunteer


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Catherine Peterson
Executive Director



Photo courtesy of The Boston Globe.

*Updated on June 9, 2020, to include specific action steps ArtsBoston is taking to address racial inequity within its organization.



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