Events to Celebrate Earth Day and Take Action for the Climate

Earth Day marks a time to appreciate the natural world and take action to protect it. This week, get outdoors, contemplate the environment in which we live, and think about how you can help make a difference in combatting climate change. Has the pandemic opened you up to any unique experiences in nature? Just want to check out some of Boston’s extensive green space? Look no further, these local events and activities are a great place to start: 

Let’s Botanize! Live Video Screening and Q&A

April 21 – Join Harvard Museums of Science and culture for a look behind the scenes at Let’s Botanize, a local Instagram series from Harvard doctoral candidates Ben Goulet-Scott and Jacob Suissa. Watch as they share their passion for plants and bring the often-overlooked parts of our environment into the foreground. Take a close look at the sensitive fern, a native New England plant with an unusual method of spore dispersal.

Clean Water, Green Space, and Social Equity

April 21 – From the Massachusetts Historical Society, this panel will explore the past, present, and future of the historic Emerald Necklace park system, through the lens of environmental justice and social equity. Explore how parks provide clean air, ponds, and habitats that increase the quality of life for Boston residents.

Tour of the Muddy River Restoration

April 21 – Curious about what’s going on behind all the fences along the Muddy River? Learn about the plans for the Muddy River Restoration in the Emerald Necklace near the Back Bay Fens!

Earth Day Boston’s 2021 Event 

April 22 – Join a call to action to create a transformed society and heal from the pandemic with performances from the Boston Symphony Orchestra, Nicolas Emden Musica, Tamar Ilana, Women of the World, and other performers and speakers

Walk: Useful Plants Among Us

April 24 – Learn how to identify and use helpful plants on an in-person walking tour around the Emerald Necklace led by author and wild-food practitioner, Pam Kristan. What’s growing, where can you find it, and what can you use it for?

Earth Day Workshops w/ Voices on the Air

April 24 – Concord’s Umbrella Arts Center continues the tradition of their annual Earth Day Celebration with building Earth Floats, and a live performance from Voices on the Air, celebrating the beauty of art and the natural world.

Earth Day Charles River Esplanade Clean Up

April 24 – Join Volunteers Incorporating Black Excellence, Inc. as they celebrate Earth Day by volunteering at the 2021 Charles River Clean Up on the Esplanade as a part of the 22nd Annual Earth Day Charles River Clean Up!

Header photo: Muddy River Restoration Project

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