NAAC Mentor/Sponsorship Program 3.0 Closing Celebration!

We’ve finally reached the end of this year’s MSP 3.0 Program! We’ve had a great series of panels, and now we’re throwing a party to close it all out! You’re all invited to join us to help celebrate all of the amazing work this year’s cohort have put in! Food, art, performances, speeches, dancing, headshots & more!!!

The NAACBoston Mentorship & Sponsorship Program (MSP3) is in its third year, MSP3’s builds upon research showing both that arts administrators of color are under-mentored and that mentoring under-represented categories of professionals (women and people of color)—by itself—does not drive systemic change in the current power structures of our predominately white institutions and sectors.

This year’s program is themed around Connections, building on the lessons from the 2019 to 2022 programs to address the ever-changing needs of BIPOC arts administrators as we continue to navigate the pandemics of racism and COVID-19.

This year’s program will include workshop series and tools centered on reconnecting and rebuilding the Boston arts sector, adapting to in the post-pandemic landscape and finding new ways to create equity for all.

“In honor of connections made and sustained, we invite you to visualize your NAAC Boston experience in our MSP3.0 program mural. Design a visual circle, using any shapes and colors, to answer: How did you cultivate connection and community in Boston this year with NAAC? This may highlight learnings, teachings, challenges, empowerments, or other memorable moments from the past six months.”

Program Outline:

4:30 PM: Participants have time to food and mingle.

5:30 PM: Programming Begins

-Learn with Maria Servellon, Artist (MSP Mentor 23′)
-Dance & Jam with Stiggity Stack by DJ Ashton Lites, (MSP Mentee 23′)
-Headshots by Justbesnappin Photography! (MSP Mentor 23′)
-Dance Performance by Asian American Ballet Project (MSP Mentee 23′)

7:30 PM: Programming Ends

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