NEW Data Webinar with TRG Arts

This holiday season, we sat down with Andrew Cotlar from TRG Arts to talk about the latest in data and specific strategies arts & culture organization can use this holiday season to build audiences!

Some highlights include:

  • Arts & culture organizations can use demographic data to strategically reach out to audience groups.
  • The holiday season is the perfect time to implement a New-to-File plan, to bring new audience members back to your organization after a first engagement with holiday programming.
  • Join the free TRG Arts & Culture Benchmark to make this data even more representative of Boston, and to benefit from collective knowledge-sharing! Find out if you are eligible to join (minute 42:25).
  • Andrew also covered key nationwide arts & culture recovery trends (minute 40:00) as of 2022—we will discuss updates to this data in the new year.
  • For our AAI members, remember to use your trades in Data Center this year! If you’re interested in learning more about AAI, contact Arlene Elkins at


Key Points

6:00 Moving patrons up the “Evolution of a Patron” ladder

9:00 Arts Audience Initiative data breakdown

12:40 ArtsBoston AAI community demographics

24:45 What is “New-to-File”?

27:45 Creating a New-to-File plan

35:30 Data Center Reports

38:00 TRG Arts & Culture Benchmark

40:00 Ticket Revenue Recovery Data

42:25 Who can join the Benchmark?

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