NAACBoston: Meet Ashleigh Gordon

Ashe Gordon, a Black woman in a floral top wearing glasses, smiles at the camera. She holds a violin under her arm.

NAAConnects: 5 Questions with NAAC member Ashleigh Gordon


Tell me about your work as an artist, and with your group Castle of Our Skins.

I am a violist and the artistic director and co-founder of Castle of Our Skins, an arts organization focused on concerts and education related to Blackness, Black culture, Black history, and Black arts.


When and why did you join NAAC? 

I joined NAAC in 2017, valuing the fellowship it promotes as a way to connect, engage with the members on the listserv, attend meet-ups, and participate in the mentorship program. I appreciate NAAC’s role in creating a sense of community.


What’s one way that being a NAAC member has been valuable to you?

NAAC was instrumental in Castle of Our Skins hiring a coordinator through a position we posted to the group. I also appreciate the networking opportunities, the event discounts NAAC offers, and the sense of community NAAC creates.


What areas of programming or support would you like to see NAAC focus on?

I think NAAC can do more targeted outreach, possibly forming affinity spaces or committees based on disciplines to enhance engagement with the group. I think it’s really important to have a collective engagement and a feeling of ownership by NAAC members.


Are there specific challenges or areas of improvement that you’d like to see for NAAC, and do you have any suggestions for addressing them?

I think NAAC should explore ways to include more diversity in its programming. Maybe the group can consider implementing outreach and recruitment activities specifically for underrepresented disciplines within the membership.

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