Telling Your Story Online: What’s Your Moral?

Find the heart of your brand in your digital marketing

How do you get your story across in a market where consumers are inundated with entertainment choices? Especially on the endless platform of the Internet?

Jeff Freedman, CEO and Drew Levy, Digital Marketing Manager of Boston-based ad agency Small Army will present their agency’s specialized process of finding the moral, the one-sentence essence of your organization. As experienced brand-builders, he will then provide guidance on how to tell your story confidently in the digital (and real) world.

You’ll Walk Away With…

  • Confidence in the story your organization needs to tell
  • Tools for carving out and excelling in your corner of the market
  • A refined statement of purpose to convey to your audience

Who Should Attend:

Marketing/Communications Officers, Development Officers, Creative Services, Graphic Designers, and Social Media Marketers


Thursday, February 15 | 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM | Deane Hall, Calderwood Pavillion at the BCA | Cost $10 Register Here


Jeff Freeman, CEO
MoralThe only constant is change.

Jeff entered the world of advertising in 1990, helping clients like Lotus Development Corporation and Hyatt Hotels best spend their multi-million dollar media budgets. In the flood of media, audience and market data that came with those decisions, Jeff recognized opportunities for change. In 1996, he started the interactive division of Boston-based agency CGN to help national brands leverage this ‘new thing called The Web’ as a marketing channel. In 2002, with the support of his loving wife, he and Mike Connell started Small Army to take the lead in a transforming advertising industry. In 2007, following the birth of his two beautiful children (Josh and Julia), and the tragic loss of his business partner to cancer, new life perspectives caused him to start Small Army for a Cause (a 501c3) as a way to give back. Today, Jeff continues to provide perspective and insight to lead Small Army, its clients, his family and the community through never-ending change.

Drew Levy on his journey with Small Army
Moral: Sometimes you need to be still to find out what moves you.

“I started out my career in Sales before quickly jumping on the Digital bandwagon and pursuing a career in Marketing. I got my start specifically in performance marketing where I learned all of the tricks to running a successful online campaign. My passion for strategy, critical thinking and all types of problem-solving has helped me evolve that skill set and develop a more holistic approach, offering brands a full suite of capabilities and providing them value in a variety of ways. I love learning as much as I love teaching and take pride in always looking to master the next big trend in Digital. I love working with Brands that have a true passion for what they do/who they are and find it extremely rewarding to help them achieve their goals.”

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